glorify weeks 15 to 20

why I quit my cushy corporate job

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In late 2020, Bill and I started dreaming about the possibility of me leaving the bank and joining his real estate business. Over the holidays, we began to get serious about it and finalized the decision in January. But we had to wait another two months for my annual bonus to be paid out before we could tell anyone but the closest of our friends and family.

Going to work in January was tough. I knew my future was not with my team, boss and peers and it weighed heavily on me, especially as my coworkers began to experience their own hardships which added to what already felt like 10,000 pounds of guilt.

But God had made it clear that the place for me to be at this stage in my life is in a role better suited to support my kids and husband.

I’ve mentioned before that God has been calling me deep, and this is where we believe he has been leading all this time. Making this move has required a massive leap of faith. I left an executive level salary that paid the bills in the early years while Bill built his business. I also left highly competitive benefits. But most painfully, I left a large number of friendships with people all over the country, people I won’t have a natural connection to outside of the bank.

The reasons behind the change are many. However when I take a deep breath and think about why we did this, Evie’s sweet little 9 year old face immediately pops into my brain. It’s always the same mental picture of her, at bedtime, turning her head to me one last time before she climbs up her ladder into her loft bed. She says “Mom, I miss you even though you are here.”

She says it with so much ache and emotion. So much need.

When that same girl was only three months old and I was struggling with leaving her at daycare for the first time, a girlfriend of mine told me I wasn’t built to be a stay at home mom. She said if I stayed home I would be bored out of my mind when Evie went to school and would miss out on advancement opportunities to boot.

My friend is a brilliant woman. But this time she was wrong. Not about being a stay at home Mom. I know I am not designed for that and have immeasurable respect for those who are. But she was definitely wrong about being bored and my kids needing me less because they started school.

These days I have three kids in school and their need for me grows every day. When they were little daycare and preschool served as a way to give them socialization, learning and structure. Their needs at that age can be exhausting to meet but are usually not complicated. Now as the kids are getting older, I can sense their need for me will be different but will require much more time, attention and energy.

The life we were living before, running from school to activities and then hurrying to make dinner and bedtime was harried and gave us very little meaningful time with the kids. Our prayer in joining forces in real estate was that I would be able to take the edge off growing his business for him, and also be able to have the flexibility to do those Mom things that were so difficult to do in a corporate job.

I have already filled 3PM to 5PM with more connection, conversation, and quality time with my munchkins. It has allowed Bill to be more focused on work, very rarely having to worry who is picking up the kids and where they have to go.

And there are no nights away in Pittsburgh in my future. Ever.

No missed recitals or ballgames. No delayed or cancelled flights that create a childcare crisis in a coverage schedule that is already a part time job to manage. No added stress for Bill because he has to carry the load like a single Dad while I am gone for days at a time (maybe worse because the single Dad probably knows what time gymnastics is over and whether we paid for the current session).

I am so grateful for the ability to do this and that God has brought us here at this time. He has made provision to make this possible and its truly been a blessing. Not just for the time with the kids but also in the way it is already enriching our marriage. We thought working together would be a challenge, and it will be, but we weren’t expecting it to immediately and measurably make our marriage better.

More on that in the next blog.

Until then, when has God called you to make a major life or career change which required you to step out in faith?

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